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Metta Mats Team

David Whitehurst - B.B.A from Virginia Tech - 8 years manufacturing experience.

I began manufacturing clothing and other items using dye sublimation printing over 8 years ago while in college at Virginia Tech. Despite my little background in yoga, I knew I wanted to find a way to use the imaging technology I was versed in to blend art and yoga. After noticing the problems with the printed yoga mats on the market, I spent years developing the Metta Mat and the rest is history. Eternally grateful to all of the yogis that helped me test and perfect the mats over the years :)

A special thanks to my team here in the factory that works behind the scenes to make our wonderful mats and support our artists! - Paul, Dean, Ben, Tyler, Amanda, Nate, and Jo!

Jonny Walker (AKA Dat Dude Jonny) - CYT 200, Metta Mats CYO "Chief Yoga Officer"

Dat Dude Jonny is a movement, mindfulness, and self-awareness artist & instructor. Currently based out of Blacksburg, VA where he is the Community Outreach & Program Educator as well as an instructor at In Balance Yoga. His classes are often intertwined with musically inspired movement and always spread a message of unity. Jonny received his 200 HR yoga certification from In Balance in 2017 and has since taught at studios, festivals, colleges, and events across the country. 

When curating his events, they often morph into more of an immersive experience than simply a class by utilizing elements of production & performance learned through his B.F.A. in theatre arts from Virginia Tech. Off the yoga mat, he works with businesses and teachers within the wellness industry on pursuits to truly diversify spaces by leading conversations on anti-racism and inclusivity. 

Kirsty Gaither (AKA Khaleesi) @mrs_khaleesi_gaither

Although creative shape making on Instagram has become her favourite form of artistic expression, Kirsty also practices yoga in her ever-evolving pursuit of physical and mental strength. Kirsty's regular routine includes her daily yoga practice as well as weightlifting and training with her husband, who is an amateur MMA fighter and sheriff’s deputy. Kirsty's fitness background is diverse, drawing upon lessons learned in competitive ballroom dancing, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weightlifting, and the growing female calisthenics community. Kirsty also works with the online yoga community, supporting local artists, raising skin cancer awareness and normalising mental health.

Rebecca Reznicki @beccarez -200 RYT Yoga Instructor

I am a former fitness competitor and made a switch to yoga from the gym when weight training started to cause more injuries than benefits.  Yoga helped strengthen my body and mind in ways I could never have imagined.  I started to heal from the inside out and found a deep connection within.  I was blessed to complete my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in 2018 where I learned so much more about myself and others.  I truly wish to pass on all the benefits of yoga I learned along the way and hope to continue to inspire new yogis and yoginis everyday.

Julie Haynes @rbf.julie - Fitness Trainer

I started yoga because I was in two car accidents that injured my back. My back hurt everyday. I went to my doctor for him to tell me there is no fix except for surgery! I decided to look into other things that could help and found yoga. One year later my back was back to perfect, no more issues all thanks to yoga. I recommend stepping on your mat to everyone I talk to now. It will change your life (in one way or another) like it did mine.