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Bamboo Mat Display Hanger

Bamboo Mat Display Hanger

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-Ethically and Sustainably Made by Metta Mats in the USA

-Bamboo Wood, Natural Oil Finish, Brass Hinges

-Magnetized clasp design creates a low profile and easy-to-use hanging mechanism.

-Designed and produced in limited run batches in the workshop of David's dad! 

-Easy-to-install, see below for instructions.

-Ships from limited inventory within a few days of purchase! When out-of-stock, we will do another production run soon, so these will have rolling availability. 

About the Product - from Metta Mat's co-founder, David Whitehurst

We noticed long ago that to many of our customers, our mats were simply too beautiful to be rolled up and stored out-of-sight. I spent a long time working on a hanger design that would be easy to use, low-profile, and could be made from sustainable materials. All of the woodworking my dad taught me as a kid came in handy! Very grateful to my dad for letting Jonny and I use his workshop to make this product.

The hanger is made from bamboo, which is a fast-growing sustainable wood product and we think has a nice grain pattern that wouldn't clash with the art of our mats. Each hanger is crafted from a solid sheet of bamboo board and fitted with 8 magnets that hold the mat in place when the hanger is used. The hangers swings open on two durable brass hinges.

Installation Instructions

This display hanger has two holes in the back of it for the 2 screws we will ship it with. These holes are 24" apart in order to line up with the standard spacing between the support studs found in the walls of most homes. We recommend using a stud finder to locate the support studs in your walls and marking them lightly with a pencil to ensure that you're securing the hanger into a support stud. If the studs in your home are not 24" apart or if you'd like to locate the hanger in a place where support studs are not available - please obtain 2 drywall anchors from your local hardware store. If using drywall anchors, please read the instructions for the drywall anchors you've purchased to ensure proper mounting.

Once you've located where the hanger will be installed, we recommend using a level to ensure that the hanger is mounted perfectly level. Place the hanger against the wall, put one screw into the first location that you've marked. Then use the level to get the hanger level to the ground, and drive in the second screw. 

Your hanger is then ready to use! Simply lift your yoga mat up to it, flip the top of the hanger up, place your mat on the back of the hanger, and then allow the top to swing closed. The magnets in the hanger will securely hold the mat in place until you decide to take it down. Removing your mat can be done simply by giving the mat a firm downward tug. 


We have thoroughly tested this product and are certain when installed properly, it will not damage your walls. However, we cannot be liable or responsible for damage caused by improper use or installation. If mounted onto drywall without a drywall anchor, the weight of a mat hanging will likely damage your drywall. If you are uncertain about how to install this product or do not have experience with the tools required to do so, please consult a friend that does have these skills or hire a professional. Again, we cannot be responsible for damage done during or after the installation process. 

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