About Us / Product Details


Our Story

Metta Mats are the result of years of experimenting. We love the experience that doing yoga on a piece of art brings to the practice of yoga and noticed there was no truly great yoga mat with art on it. We spent years perfecting a unique surface made of safe materials to protect the artwork we put on our mats and provide grip and support for all types of yoga. The yogic mindset of continual improvement is infused into the artisanship that we bring to our product. 

We make each mat by hand and ship all over the world! We are committed to making the world's most vibrant, highest performing, environmentally-friendly yoga mats. We developed this product out of a deep respect for the practice of yoga and the value of art. Our mats aren't just about the art, they feature a surface material that we developed and perfected over the span of a few years. We make all of our mats in our own shop in Philadelphia, in a clean, air-conditioned, and happy work environment. Our goal is to fuse this art with yoga to help inspire openness, mindfulness, and growth throughout your practice. 

Metta Mats Founders: David Whitehurst (right) and Jonny Walker a.ka. Dat Dude Jonny (left)


Our Values

We believe in supporting art and free expression. 20% of every sale goes directly towards each independent artist whose art is featured on the mat.

We believe in ethically sourced materials and sweat-shop free production. We purchase our production materials from companies with a good record of ethically sourced materials and we make each mat - as well as our other products - with our own hands in Philadelphia in a light-hearted and safe work environment. Each mat is from our hands to yours - We believe it's good to know where your products are made. 

We believe in supporting independent content creators and we like to advertise by sponsoring yoga events and yoga content creators.


How Our Mats Are Made

We start with a base layer of 3 MM natural tree-based rubber. We print the artwork on a polymer layer using dye sublimation printing and then bond the surface of the mat using our proprietary blend of glycol (an organic material used in cosmetics and recognized as safe by the FDA) and polypropylene (a food-grade polymer that is commonly used in yoga and foodware products) and tiny, naturally-occurring silica crystals. Each mat’s surface is applied by-hand in a method we have been perfecting for years. The surface cures in sunlight after sitting overnight, creating the unique, grippy feel that our mats are known for. The final step of production is you! The surface breaks in with use and becomes even softer and grippier. Whether you have a slow, restorative practice or a fast, sweaty practice - our mats will support you and your growth.
The finished product is a vibrant, supportive mat that will last through years of practice. These mats are not like any other art-adorned mats with dull fabric surfaces, that are hard to clean and maintain over time. Our mat’s surface creates a water-proof, grippy texture while protecting and accentuating the artwork.

Materials Used

  • The mat surface has a grippy, canvas-like texture - our proprietary blend of glycol, polypropylene, and silica - all recognized as safe materials. The durable and translucent surface protects and accentuates the details of the artwork on the mat.
  • The mat's base is made from natural tree rubber
  • 5 lbs; 72” long; 26.25” wide; 3.5 mm thick
  • Completely free of any PVC or any other toxic materials


    • Sustainability: The mats are very durable and last through years of consistent use. Longevity is a very important factor in assessing environmental impact.
    • Grip: Our mats are made to grip when both wet and dry and are great for all disciplines of yoga, including hot yoga.
    • Waterproof: The mat is completely waterproof. Sweat can easily be rinsed off the mat.
    • Improves With Use: Your mat will reward you with more use! The surface of the mat will soften and become grippier and drier feeling with more use.
    • UV-Proof: The mat is UV-proof and can withstand prolonged sun exposure
    • Joint Protection: The mat’s surface distributes weight to the rubber base below for proper joint protection and versatility on carpet, cement or hardwood floors.
    • Easy-to-Clean: simply wipe down with soap or vinegar or any other natural cleaning product or spray off with a hose. For more detail, please the “Use and Care” section on our About Us Page.


        Use & Care

        • To Store or Travel: Roll your Metta Mat image side facing outwardsProlonged storage rolled inward will result in the edges curling, however this can be easily fixed by rolling the mat the other way. Please avoid creasing or putting tight folds in the surface, this can leave a permanent line.
        • To Break In: No break in required for your Metta Mat, but you will notice the surface become grippier and drier feeling with more use.
        • To Clean: We recommend using any organic household cleaner and a damp cotton cloth or sponge to simply wipe down. Diluted Vinegar is an excellent cleaner. DO NOT USE BLEACH. You can also easily rinse the mat off with a hose or spray bottle or wipe dry with a cloth.
        • DO NOT PUT it in the washing machine. Please hang or air dry. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. DO NOT DRY in a machine drier. Avoid scratching or scrubbing your Metta Mats surface with anything abrasive or sharp.
        • Please note that you should not use essential oils to clean your mat - they will not damage the surface, but the oil that stays on the mat will create a thin oil-slick that will lessen the grip.
        • If you are ever unsure of a cleaning method, feel free to contact us for the best recommendations and advice for cleaning.

        Environmentally Friendly   

        Metta Mats are made from recyclable, renewable, 100% natural tree rubber. Absolutely NO PVC or other toxic materials are used. No harmful chemicals are used or discarded in the process of making our mats and we recycle every used component we can. The surface of our mats are made with LEED-certified polymers and naturally-occurring silica.