Community Initiatives

We don't consider ourselves to have "made it" by any means yet, but we're passionate about using what success we have had to give back to communities throughout the country and hopefully eventually the world. We've started our "Semper Prosim" - "Always Serving" initiative with this in mind. The name is an homage to the motto of Jonny and David's alma mater, Virginia Tech. 

Jonny and David are both passionate about the way that yoga, mindfulness, appreciation of art, and dedication to self-improvement can improve one's chances in life. All of these things were critical parts of what got us where we are today and we want to use the success of Metta Mats to help give those chances to more people. 

For our first community partner, we selected Get Fresh Daily in our own backyard of Philadelphia. Get Fresh Daily creates revolutionary spaces for Black people to come together, to be well, to have fun, and to celebrate and manifest the best version of themselves. We donated a full inventory of mats in 2022 to be used during the yoga classes they teach to help young members of the Philadelphia community discover the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Check out the awesome work they do here: Get Fresh Daily

We have a collaboration with Philly Yoga Network, a non-profit designed to connect, unify, and grow yoga across Philadelphia. We offer mats designed by a PYN artist with proceeds from each sale going to Philly Yoga Network!

And we work with The Trini Foundation, which is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with substance use disorder find long-term recovery by building environments of physical, mental, and spiritual support through integrating recovery services with Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness practices. We also have a collaboration with them, where we make mats that raise money for their work.


We're always on the lookout for where we can help next! Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions! We are so grateful for all our customers have given us, but especially the opportunity to make a positive impact for causes we care about.