Here's a list of the questions we frequently get asked about our mats:

Is the mat grippy in both wet and dry conditions?

Yes. The mats are incredibly grippy. We worked for years to develop our unique mat surface and it's a level of grip that will work in any environment. Please note that you should not use essential oils to clean your mat - they will not damage the surface, but the oil that stays on the mat will create a thin oil-slick that will lesson the grip.

Is the surface of the mat fabric or suede?

No! We realize most mats with an image on them are, but our mats are very different. The surface is a supple, grippy, and rubbery feel that is made of organic compounds. The image is printed on a layer of fabric that is encased below the surface of our mats.

How does the mat stand up to sun exposure and an outdoor environment?

We have had mats in outdoor use for years with no appreciable signs of fading. The organic material that makes up the surface is UV proof and therefore does not breakdown in sunlight.

What can I expect in terms of durability?

We have yoga instructors that helped us develop this product in 2016 who are still using the first mats we made for them. To date, we have not had a mat wear our or need to be replaced because of wear and tear. 

Is the padding adequate for those with boney joints or dealing with injuries?

Yes, the surface material of the mat and the rubber layer underneath work together to distribute weight and provide great cushion.  It's got plenty of cushioning, so you can do any pose with a hardwood floor under the mat.

Does the grip lessen over time?

The surface will become less tacky (sticky feeling) after a couple wipe-downs, but the grip is not diminished as this happens. We have mats that have been used in hot yoga for years now.

Is there a smell when the mat arrives and, if so, does it fade quickly?

Our mats have a very slight smell at first that is a somewhat sweet and earthy smell, but it's not an offensive odor and can only be detected when right up against the surface. This will diminish quickly.

Are all materials used non-toxic?

Our technology is protected by trade secret, so we cannot go into too much detail. But the material of the mat is entirely made from organic compounds and the components of it are LEED certified. They are all non-toxic.

What sort of packaging does the mat come in?

The mats currently ship in a plastic newspaper bag to prevent them from getting dirty if the box that the mat ships in is damaged in transit. 

Does it attract dust/dirt?

 Unfortunately yes - grippy, supple surfaces like our mats will allow dirt to stick to it. Thankfully the mats are really easy to wash - wiping down with an organic cleaner or spraying off with a hose will get the surface cleaned right off.

Any other questions? Just email us! Service@mettamats.com