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"Marbled Woodgrain" Bolster Cover

"Marbled Woodgrain" Bolster Cover

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-Ethically and Sustainably Made by hand in Philadelphia like all of our products

-Made with attention-to-detail - premium fabrics & artisanal construction

-Versatile design- fits all common bolster sizes snuggly

-Easy to clean; sweat resistant top to keep you clean

-Made with super-soft polyester suede for durability

-Made to Order; ships in 3-5 working days

Metta Mats co-founder, Dat Dude Jonny, on the creation of our bolster covers:

“Close to a year ago I attended a restorative flow class, desperately needing to destress. I had the pleasure of being led through a slow, relaxing flow by one of my peers that was just what the doctor ordered. As we moved into Svasana, I placed a yoga bolster underneath my head and began easing into that deep state of rest that really makes a practice whole. 

As I slipped deeper and deeper into this serene, meditative state I was so close to pure bliss. Out of the blue, as often happens in meditation, a random series of thoughts popped into my head. ‘I wonder who was using this bolster before me? Were they sweating on it? Were they sitting on it after an intense practice? My face is right on this bolster and I don’t know the last time it was cleaned!’ 

This anxiety immediately snapped me out of that serenity. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of Svasana. I couldn’t even look at bolsters in a studio the same anymore! So, we got to work on a way to restore my peace while using bolsters. 

The end result was the creation of these bolster covers. We have created a cover that you can bring into any studio and use on various sizes of bolsters during practice. Studios themselves can use these on their bolster supply and make for a much easier method of cleaning; creating a more sanitary practice for their community and extending the life of their bolsters. 

The use of these covers allows me to cleanly & comfortably enjoy my practice with bolsters. We trust that they can do the same for you, because if you’ve read all of this….you’ll certainly think about your bolster use differently.”

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